Stability and dynamism.


The professional structure of the office is characterized by a combination of stability and dynamism: in addition to the professionalism of the members and the experience of a longtime staff, the office turns to young professionals who are a constant stimulus to the growth of the structure.

Starassociati can also rely on a vast network of regional, national and international partners, able to provide to the costumer not only their skills, but also a network of highly specialized professionals to develop an excellent project.

Sergej Zagniboroda
he collaborates since 2001

Daniela Legovini
she collaborates since 2008

A large network of collaborators and artisans


The constant counseling with professional partners and retailers of proven reliability allows for a wide range of innovative solutions according to the principles of functionality, comfort, energy conservation also in the perspective of the building heritage maintenance.

The large group of experienced craftsmen the team can rely on is characterized by highly trusted workers: this allows for maximum control on the deadlines of the project and the final result.

The past interns


Erica Brisciak, Barbara Brusoni, Nicolò Capus, Marco Ceraulo, Clelia Davi, Davide Deluca, Leonardo de Marchi, Matthew Earle, Fabrizio Fanigliuolo, Marina Gortan, Olivia Grandi, Tobias Kühner, Giulia Marcon, Anna Negrelli, Dimitrij Pozar, Simone Steffè, Simon Dietmann, Martina Saccardi, Sara Valentini, Barbara Chiarelli, Matteo Tulliach, Sara Caselli..

Since always convinced of the importance of field training for a young professional, the studio constantly hosts interns dedicating a large amount of its time to their training, thanks to agreements with the University of Trieste and IUAV.

If you are interested for an internship, please contact us.

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