From survey to furnishings.


The experience in urban planning, design and construction of public and private works, in particular regard to the architectural restoration and renovation specifity, interior design and furniture design, allows us to provide a wide range of architectural services.

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Starassociati bases its operative philosophy on the architectural quality of the work primarly focusing on a productive exchange with the customers, both in the initial phase for a rigorous analysis of the aims of the operation both in all planning and construction phases.

All the phases are carried out through detailed and constant elaborations in all its aspects: aesthetic, economical and functional.

To meet the fixed goals and objectives, continuous tests are carried out in a multidisciplinary mode on the design quality and execution of the work.

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Comfort, elegance, sustainability.


The mission of starassociati is to be able to ensure high levels of comfort through a conscious use of the most innovative available technologies in order to improve energy efficiency: a constant research for solutions allow for functional and elegant integration of these technologies in the overall architectural design.

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