Martin Hlavacek

Martin_Hlavacek_2015arch. Martin Hlavacek

Born in Münster (D) in 1975.

Partner and designer with an international training, he studied architecture at the Technical University in Berlin, and after a short period at the IUAV in Venice, graduates in Berlin in 2004 Engineer in architecture.

In 2004 he moves to Italy, where he begins work experience in restoration and renovation, with both private and public clients.

German by birth and training, with Czech origins, he disposes of Mitteleuropean cultural references and a remarkable mastery of technical language (German, Czech, English and Italian both spoken and written) in addition to this linguistic and literary interests. Aficionado of art, architecture and design.

Member of starassociati since 2008.

Registered at the Architect Registration Board of Trieste,
section A n. 644, since 2008.

Registered at the Architect Registration Board of Berlin,
n. AA-0664, since 2012.

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