President’s Hall

President’s Hall

Place Trieste

Year 2019

Client Assicurazioni Generali

The Presidents’ Hall exhibition area is located along the central corridor of the main floor of the historical headquarter of the Generali Group at Trieste. A multifunctional platform emphasizes the portion of space dedicated to the installation of the Presidents’ Hall and at the same time it gives a scenic importance to the entire space.

The installation concept is based on the interaction of the two separate functional areas: one dedicated to the busts’ exhibition and one dedicated to information. The marble busts are placed in semicircle while the didactical point is located in the existing boiserie in the form of a touch screen. The digital project contains the biographies of the Generali’s Presidents who guided the Group and information related to the sculptors.

The lighting design of the Presidents’ Hall integrates the existing natural and artificial lighting system with the addition of two groups of spotlights placed on the high part of the opposite wall in order to have proper light for the busts in the Presidents Hall and for the rest of the area.

A lighting line is placed at the deck’s base to give a sense of lightness to the entire installation.



Design and Construction supervision 

arch. M. Hlavacek

Consulting and Contributions to the realization

Falegnameria Pestelli – pedana polifunzionale e punto didattico
Studio Luce – Lighting consultancy
Arch. Barbara Chiarelli – Graphics
Paolo Coloni – IT Consulting



President’s Hall


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place Trieste

year 2003

client Decathlon Italia srl

The project proposal is part of the district of the Old Port of Trieste in its most northern part, known as the Barcola embankment, over an area of intervention of about 45,000 square meters.

The idea is to build a new commercial structure in an urban park equipped to carry out different activities related to sports and leisure.

The settlement system is organized by thematic areas (equipped park; commercial structure and parking; facilities for sport, leisure and restoration) also provides a complete redevelopment of the area and the planning of a new traffic organization.


  arch. C. Farina
  arch. M. Martinelli

  arch. P. Ongaro

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