Temporary Exhibition on Marine Archeology

Temporary Exhibition on Marine Archeology

place Aeroporto di Brindisi / Brindisi Airport

year 2019

client TPP Teatro Pubblico Pugliese

The exhibition “The Sea of Intimacy” has been on show for a year, from July 2019 to July 2020, in the complex spaces of the airport of Brindisi in Puglia after a period of exhibition in Trieste.

The objects exposed deal with the treasures from the Apulian coast, but not only, and are the result of a meticulous and accurate work of selection.

In the articulate hallways of the airport terminal there are amphoras, wrecks and rests of ships, objects and earthenware used by mariners, sculptures and digital materials appropriately disposed for the viewer.

The show is organized in various steps on two levels: ground floor and first floor. The introductive panel is to be found on the outside in the immediate vicinity of the entrance to the airport, followed by a series of exhibition points dislocated in various spaces on the ground floor and characterized by a common formal design: curve-shaped vertical panels that let come to mind the waves of the sea hold the showcases with the exhibits and the screens for documentaries (video in loop). The panels are set on a printed film with images of the sea and indications of the title of the specific section of the exhibition.

The flow of the exhibition is interrupted by a particular fitting for a space with double height which connects the first and the second level of the exhibition: the reconstruction of a cave and two showcases in the form of a ship section, to explain how the amphoras were positioned and transported in these in the ancient times.

The double height allows for curved panels with images of the sea to be suspended from an iron grid and the profile of a diver at work. In the same space a three-sided pole is provided with video screens.

The reconstruction of the cave uses the system of the curve shaped panels to form a more intimate space in which to admire a projection on floor and walls which reproduces the aspect of the bottom of the sea.


Giovanni Andrea Panizon


Martina di Prisco, starassociati

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Ciconi Theatre

Ciconi Theatre

place San Daniele del Friuli

year in progress

client Municipality of San Daniele del Friuli

Reconstruction and restauration of Teobaldo Ciconi Theatre at San Daniele del Friuli

Building subject to heritage law, D. Lgs. n. 42/2004 art.10 c.1
Variation of urbanistic municipal law  

The final project, divided into several lots, will provide the replacement of the theater building with the exception of the 1920’ wing in classical style facing the street: this solution has been chosen because the existing building’s seismic retrofitting  would have generated excessively high costs.

This was possible thanks to the above-mentioned variants, that allowed to define the value of the Ciconi Theatre, outlining the possible volumetric and technological developments.

The new parts will be organized within the existing building, with a contemporary language and advanced technology.

project (ATP)

  arch. L. Pennati (capogruppo)


  structures ing. M. Martini

  systems ing. G. Marconi

  acustics prof. Pompoli

  surveys prof. ing. P. Russo

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