Quality and expertise.


The office for architectural planning starassociati was founded in Trieste in 2001. Star -acronym of studio di architettura- gathered the activities and professional experience of a group of architects since long paying attention to quality, correct execution and the service for the client.

Embracing the métier of the architect as a “service for good architecture at 360 degrees”, starassociati deals with interior residential architecture, health care facilities, museums, schools, works in the field of restauration and reconstruction as well as urban planning, developing every project to the maximum of its potentiality.

In 2012 the office studio di architettura starassociati becomes a limited company with three architect partners committed to continue the course marked by the previous experience.




Starassociati is proud of a multi-decennial experience in the planning and execution of public and private commissions in Trieste, the North-East of Italy and abroad exercising the profession with the permission for Slovenia and Germany.

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The history of the team.


In 2001 architects Giovanni Paolo BartoliRoberto DambrosiClaudio FarinaVerjano Markezic and Maurizio Martinelli founded the studio starassociati under form of partnership. In 2007 architect C. Farina leaves the group; in 2008 architect Martin Hlavacek, already working with the office, becomes a partner of the group; in 2010 architect G. P. Bartoli retires.

In 2012 the starassociati srl was founded, in order to pursue a more competitive approach in national and international competitions.

At the end of 2015 the transition period finishes, and the team continues as a limited company.

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